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A regular podcast that features the paranormal and Indie horror industry. We feature new true ghost stories submitted to us from international sources. We interview horror authors, ghost hunters and people who have suffered paranormal experiences. We talk about folklore and explore the greater world. Is there life beyond? Art, stories and observations about the veil.
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Apr 13, 2018



On Episode 81 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, hosts T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas feature the writers and editors of the American south. Phil and Fox discuss the warming weather, since winter is something we’re afraid of and the threat of the Yellowstone Park Super Volcano. It’s due to erupt, bringing a small ice age to the earth and burying the United States in a blanket of ash. The show features their first story from Christopher Roy, a crime author who is serving a life sentence in Mississippi for the murder of a drug dealer when he was 18. This noir tale, Marsh Madness, is set in the bayou, read by British folksinger David Walton. And paranormal author Kerri Thomas contributes a new ghost story, The Haunted Restaurant. This restaurant serves spirits and spirits! Fox finishes the show by interview authors and editors Max Booth III and Lori Michelle, owners of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, one of the few Indie publishers who have stayed in business. It’s an episode of ghosts, bayou crime stories and indie publishing all from the south on What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show episode 81.

Apr 9, 2018


On the first episode of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show's new series, Psychic Spring, hosts T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas interview the astounding & charismatic medium, Carolyn Clapper. Carolyn, or the ‘Next World Medium.' Carolyn is an evidential medium, psychic and medical intuit. She not only channels loved ones (who can be quite pushy to come through!) but also reads your body to help diagnosis elusive health issues. Fox & Phil ask her questions about her process and history. She became a psychic after a near-death experience caused by a serious infection, and during the reading, some of Fox’s connections reach out to him! Carolyn is a remarkable and beautiful person with a powerful gift, and she shares it with Fox & Phil on Episode 80: Life After Life, the first in their new series featuring international psychics. Musical guest Zapa is back with a song from his new album, Triangle, which sets the mood, and the Cranky Old Hag, paranormal author Kerri Thomas, shares with us one of her many ghost stories, Ghostly Retaliation. A ghost aids a nurse in an unfair work situation. This is one of several stories that Kerri, author of The Haunting of Family, will be sharing with us in future shows, read by British folksinger, David Walton. Need a little reassurance that there’s life after death? Carolyn Clapper will comfort you on episode 80: Life After Life.

Mar 16, 2018


For their 79th episode, horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas celebrate the ghost and fairy stories of Ireland for Irish Heritage Day in America (also known as St. Patrick’s Day.) Paranormal author & ghosthunter Cat Gasch, author of My Life Amidst the Paranormal, returns to share her supernatural experiences that happened during her visits Ireland. The island is rife with ruins, stone circles, old graveyards, and populated by ghosts and fairies, who both came out to greet Cat on her visit. British folksinger David Walton narrates two of Cat’s stories from Ireland. Cat shares two tales. Helping Hands is the story of a ghost who saved her when she nearly fell down the steps of an old ruin, and Fairy Feline is the story of her encounter with a fey spirit-cat that followed her around an Irish village. They trio also discuss Irish folklore, fey legends, horror movies and Celtic music. They feature a Gaelic band Fox discovered while in Gettysburg last September to record with Mark Nesbitt. Cormorants Fancy plays the mournful ghost song, The Sad Courting. Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with some new ghost stories and music from Ireland.  

Mar 10, 2018

Episode 78: Tales For A Winter Fire

T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas, hosts of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, have been snowed in by two Nor’easters that buried Philadelphia. To keep themselves occupied, they share a couple of stories on episode 78, Tales For a Winter Fire. David Walton narrates a creepy and wonderful ghost story sent to us from Wales called The Ghosts of Gladstone Manor. Over a decade, a gentleman witnesses a series of paranormal events that left him disturbed. T. Fox Dunham interviews local indie band talent at a Philadelphia event called Metal. The first band he interviewed is the heavy metal band Surgeon. They discuss local music, their creative process and give advice to new bands starting out. Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing contributes a crime story, Chulie and Tommy Fat from author, Rob Pierce, and we finish with a stirring song from protest singer David Rovics, Ghosts that Walk this Earth. What would it be like to exist on the other side and never be able to talk to anyone again, just watching the world go by? Oh and new Clown News!

Mar 2, 2018






On episode 77 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, paranormal journalist and ghost hunter Don Allison returns with more stories about his haunted house and his supernatural experiences in the ghost capital of the world, Gettysburg. Don tells us what it’s like to be sensitive to the spirit world, but he’s also a skeptic, a psychic scientist trying to explain these paranormal happenings. He shares two more passages from his book, I Met a Ghost in Gettysburg, read by British folksinger, David Walton.  And yes, a ghost really did snap his underwear and played mandolin on request.

Feb 16, 2018




Journalist Don Allison went to Gettysburg and met a ghost, and the bucolic Pennsylvania town where the American Civil War reached a turning point is the perfect haunted battlefield to meet a spirit. On episode 76, horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas spend some time with an amazing scholar, sensitive and paranormal journalist from Ohio, Don Allison. He authored a book about his paranormal experiences called I Met a Ghost in Gettysburg. Don shares stories from his book, telling ghost tales from both his house and his trips to Gettysburg. For years, the ghosts of his new home called to him. First, they nearly killed him in a car accident. Then, after he renovated the house, they kept rolling marbles upstairs or pulled pranks like changing radio stations, forcing him to listen to Bowling Green State University play basketball, which was a horror-in-itself because Don’s a Toledo graduate! Don shares his many stories with the paranormal, and British singer David Walton narrates two selections from his book. Also, we bring you music from a folk-singing talent and social protestor, David Rovics: The Last Lincoln Veteran & If I Die Tomorrow. On episode 76: He Met a Ghost in Gettysburg. Download now or listen on PARA-X Radio. Philadelphia’s Home for Horror!



Feb 10, 2018




Aliens are invading Philadelphia! Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you a special report on UFOs spotted around Pennsylvania, and according to the number of sightings they’ve uncovered, a fleet of flying saucers are hovering over the Keystone State! Researched from documented reports, the hosts expose a conspiracy of silence. T. Fox also shares the story of a UFO sighting from his youth in 1985 in Strange Lights over Levittown. And they talk about aliens in science fiction, discussing such classics as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. Fox interviews Netflix special effects’ director, Andy Fowler. Mr. Fowler has designed the effects for popular movies like 300, Noah, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, San Andreas and many others. He provides insight and advice for new filmmakers trying to make it in the movie industry and discusses how it’s changed over the last decade. Mr. Fowler’s new movie, Aliens: Zone of Silence is now available on Netflix. The hosts also play some extraterrestrial music to set the mood. The indie band, And The Most, shares their song, “Alien Girl” and the show closes with a strange techno song from SeJayno, “Alien Eyes”! And congratulations Eagles! First Super Bowl win for Philadelphia. We’re pretty sure aliens didn’t influence the victory, though they may have caused some strange behavior in the city after the game. We’re Philly’s horror home, and the aliens aren’t just invading; they’re here.

Feb 5, 2018



She’s a DJ to the dead. Cathy Gasch, author of My Life Amidst the Paranormal, returns for the second part of her interview on episode 74, Ghost DJ! Cathy has been seeing the dead all her life. She returns to tell us more ghost stories from her experiences and what it’s like living as a psychic. She even has a dead client who hangs out behind and sends her requests for an internet radio station. Also, Jasper Bark, British horror author, completes his interview, telling new indie authors what to expect when getting into a changing writing industry. New authors, heed his words! And we play Cathy’s true ghost story, The Irish Millhouse, an experience she had while visiting Ireland. She’s an amazing storyteller, psychic and paranormal adventurer, Cathy Gasch.

Jan 19, 2018




Ghost hunter and sensitive Cathy Gasch, author of My Life Amidst the Paranormal, has been seeing spirits all her life. She comes on episode 73 to share stories of her international adventures among the restless dead. The dead need to be heard, and she is their conduit to the remaining world of the living. Cathy talks with horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas, telling the hosts what it’s like to be born a sensitive and shares her unique perception into this world with her ghost story, James, narrated by British folksinger, David Walton. Of course, the hosts spend a little time helping new authors get their start with advice from English horror author, Jasper Bark. Jasper talks about the writing industry in his charming way and about writing for the upcoming indie firm, Crystal Lake Publishing.

Jan 12, 2018



Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas are back for their first show of 2018, The Legend of Wambutin. Who is this wild goblin that once haunted Phil’s love life? Phil laments the legend with co-host T. Fox Dunham while they discuss the freaky cold winter, the new Star Wars movie and how they’d haunt each other if they died. In addition to their witty banter, Fox narrates several ghost stories from the Philadelphia Zoo written by paranormal historian, Darcy Oordt from her book Haunted Philadelphia. They play a great punk song from Zombie Dandies, and British folksinger David Walton reads T. Fox Dunham’s horror tale, The Ice People from the Shades of Santa charity anthology. The spooky is back in 2018.

Jan 5, 2018


To celebrate another year of spooky, horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas present this audio anthology of our best true paranormal & ghost stories from 2017. Read by British Folksinger David Walton or told by the authors themselves, we present some of the best names in paranormal literature such as Katrina Weidman from Paranormal Lockdown or authors with featured stories on A Haunting. We’ve also got a great tale of the famous dead from horror director Lloyd Kaufman and a civil war tale from celebrated ghost historian of Gettysburg, Mark Nesbitt. It’s all ghost stories all episode, and we’ll be back in 2018 with new ghost stories, horror fiction and interviews.  

Dec 22, 2017




It’s our holiday episode for 2017! 70 episodes! Halfway Out of the Dark. That’s how horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas regard the season. Happy Solstice! The authors hang out, talk about the season, scary holiday gifts, current film releases like The Last Jedi and Fox tells the scary tale of all the cookies he’s made. Bram Stoker award-winning author, PD Cacek shares a true holiday ghost story, The Christmas Cat and the hosts play a strange ghost story about paranormal excrement, sent in by one of our fans. They also discuss A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Tim Waggoner is back for part three of his interview on writing, giving advice to new authors and talking about the way the publishing industry has changed. We play some strange holiday carols and finish with a song from our friend, Wily Bo Walker from his Moon Over Indigo album. Ghost stories and music for your winter holidays!



Dec 18, 2017



Paranormal adventurer & occult scholar Montana Jordan is back on the show with horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas to talk about the festive season. Montana shares her knowledge on the pagan holiday of Yule, the winter solstice, wassailing and of course, her boyfriend, The Krampus. She decides to pop the question to the Santa’s evil brother, and wouldn’t you know it, Santa shows up to spoil the wedding! Of course, Santa and Krampus get into a big fight, and you’ll be surprised to find out the winner. Katie shares a wonderful true ghost story about a strange EVP recorded at an old firehouse: ROSE. And we play some new and odd holiday carols as we celebrate Yule 2017, our third Yule show.

Dec 2, 2017


The months have turned colder, harsher, and we pass the bitter days with stories. As the winter solstice approaches, horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas share the legend of an old and unnatural evil: Wendigo. Magician Doug Stafford joins them to co-host episode 68 recorded on location at Comic Zen in Lansdale PA during the night of the town tree lighting ceremony. The show features stories and myths about this mythical figure of cannibalism and gluttony told by the three hosts. They also play part two of Fox’s interview with Bram Stoker award-winning author, Tim Waggoner who talks about his contribution to a book on horror writing from Crystal Lake Press. Join us for some winter legends on episode 68: Wendigo.

Nov 22, 2017



Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you their 3rd Thanksgiving episode, celebrating the American holiday of Turkey Day! It’s a great episode featuring music, ghost stories, holiday talk and humor. Phil & Fox amuse with their usual banter, talking about the holiday, football in Philadelphia, traditions, movies to celebrate the holiday and their first installment of TURKEY NEWS. . .  no clowns! Then, they play you an intercepted recording from the ButterTurkey Hotline. Are zombie turkeys coming alive in the oven and eating people on Thanksgiving? Listen to these desperate calls and prepare yourself for the Zombie Turkey Apocalypse. They play some holiday music, and Fox interviews Bram Stoker award-winning horror author Tim Waggoner. Tim talks about his growth as an author, writing media tie-in books for the television series Supernatural and gives advice to new authors. He also shares a ghost story in part one of this interview, Night Eyes, narrated by British folksinger, David Walton. Enjoy this special Turkey Day episode while catching up with your podcast this Thanksgiving 2017 with Fox & Phil.

Nov 17, 2017

Cover for Episode 66



T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas return (from the dead!) after a grueling October season with What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, Episode 66: Zombie Walk! They’re zombies! We’re dressed like zombies to participate in the Lansdale Zombie Walk. Early in the evening, they dressed up in gore and death then shambled up and down Main Street in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, enjoying the cool night air looking for fresh brains. After the walk, the horror authors gather at Comic Zen to record. On this show, they talk about being zombies, recording during October, hang out with civil war ghost hunter, Tom Capper who presents some EVPS from their trip to Gettysburg and visit with other zombies who did the walk. Fox interviews Max Booth III, author and proprietor of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, talking about the modern horror industry, his new podcasts and the cool new books coming out from PMMP. And they play the final installment of Daniel Braum’s chilling story A Man’s Guide to Costumes and the most Common ways to get Arrested from his collection, The Wish Mechanics. The show features a song from Peter Aldrich, Jon Harman and David Williams, Dawn of the Dead! And a new true ghost experience from listener Bill Goff about a mistaken clerk at a store in Gettysburg recorded by British folksinger, David Walton. We have some great stuff coming in November & December!

Oct 30, 2017



We’re celebrating our amazing month of counting down to Halloween with a fun Halloween special, Trick of Treat, recorded live at Uncanny! Comic store in King of Prussia Mall. After giving out candy and ghost stories during Malloween to the kids, horror author T. Fox Dunham and Bram Stoker award-winning author, PD Cacek hang out, talking about Halloween, ghost hunting and horror writing. They play some great Halloween music, two short stories from authors J. Lee Dodson and Phil Thomas and even end the show with a cute movie discussion from Tim McLean and his son Jack. It’s been quite a month! Enjoy your Halloween and get your spooky on. Also with video on youtube.

Oct 27, 2017




Lloyd Kaufman is the original Toxic Avenger! For 40 years, he’s been producing films with a unique and original voice. According to Lloyd, Troma Entertainment is the last independent movie studio, and they’re fighting against a soulless and cold industry that wants to destroy original thinking. He’s out there on the last battlefield and using emphatic and graphic words to yell at the world. He’s on the show with horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas for a long interview, talking about his past, the indie film industry, and he shares his views on the corporate world of movies. This is ain’t for kids! We also play some music from his films The Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist. We use a story from Blood Bound Books’ Dead on Arrival III called Posthumous he wrote with his daughter, Lilly. Phil does a reading from his book, The Poe Predicament, coming out soon from Caliburn Press.  Its episode 64: The Original Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman, released in time for Halloween. Thanks Uncle Lloyd. He made Philadelphia, you know. It’s Tromatastic!

Check out the website for more information about Lloyd, links to his movies and ghost stories at

Oct 20, 2017




Katrina Weidman from Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown co-hosts Episode 63: The Haunting of Katrina Weidman. She answers the questions of excited horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas and shares her unique insight into a lifelong pursuit of the paranormal. And she tells us some frightening ghost stories of her encounters while on Paranormal State and Paranormal Lockdown. Katrina is an experienced and charming ghost hunter from the Philadelphia area, and we’re so pleased to have her on this special episode of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show as we countdown to Halloween 2017. We also feature another song from French punk band The Zombie Dandies and our old friend, Wily Bo Walker and his Rattlin’ Bone Theater Show. T. Fox Dunham reads from his horror novel, MERCY—a book about his battle with cancer made into terrifying metaphor—from Blood Bound Books, and we bring you part three of Daniel Braum’s A Man’s Guide to Costumes & The Most Common Ways to get Arrested from his short story collection, The Wish Mechanics. Come indulge your spooky Halloween spirit with one of television’s most compelling paranormal investigators, Katrina Weidman. Follow us on twitter at @pfwhatafraidof and check out the website at We’re counting down in Philadelphia to Halloween 2017! See you at the King of Prussia Mall on October 28th 2017 at 10AM located at Uncanny Comics to celebrate Malloween!

Oct 17, 2017



T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas return to haunted Pennhurst Asylum for a second Friday to celebrate Halloween! Dr. Grimstalker tells them about the strange experiments and frightening treatment at the hospital. Then, T. Fox Dunham interviews professional baker and one of the stars of Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship 2017, Jonathon Elias, to learn more about the show where they compete through Halloween baking challenges. Jonathon, who is a Halloween fanatic, tells us several great and easy baking ideas for tasty and creepy snacks. Rachel Mason and Little Band of Sailors sing us a dark song called Scarecrow, and Phil & Fox interview Ghost Hunts USA at Pennhurst, learning about their nightly paranormal encounters onsite. Who is the dark creature who dwells in the basement? And does Doctor Fear really still haunt the Mayflower building? After a quick interview with the animal charity society, To Love a Canine, Daniel Braum finishes this episode with part 2 of his great Halloween story, A Man’s Guide to Costumes and the most Common ways to get Arrested from his collection, The Wish Mechanics. We’re counting down to Halloween 2017! On the next show, Paranormal Lockdown’s Katrina Weidman then on Saturday October 28th, we’re at the King of Prussia Mall for Malloween, handing out candy at Uncanny Comics and doing our Halloween Special with author J. Lee Dodson, the clown guy.



Oct 12, 2017


EPISODE 61: Pennhurst Asylum

Recorded onsite at haunted Pennhurst Asylum—famous site for ghost hunters and Halloween scary—horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas talk to the many visitors, collect ghost stories and share the paranormal history of the infamous state hospital. Fox does an interview with operation manager, Jim Werner, talking about the sensitive history of the hospital. Horror author Daniel Braum reads part one of his story, A MAN'S GUIDE TO COSTUMES AND THE MOST COMMON WAYS TO GET ARRESTED from his collection, THE WISH MECHANICS. And a song from a group great punk group in France, The Zombie Dandies, called Halloween Again. Part of our countdown to Halloween 2017!

Sep 29, 2017


Mark Nesbitt, famed Gettysburg ghost historian and author, comes back to the show as horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas interview him on location at his shop in haunted Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as part of the show’s countdown to Halloween 2017. In this special & long episode, Mark shares his many ghost stories, some of them recorded by our voice actors, and talks about his unique relationship with the supernatural of the American Civil War. It’s a remarkable show with a sage storyteller and great ghost stories for Halloween. HWA membership chairperson James Chambers pens a new story, Out of Devil’s Den, based on the notorious haunted site—a story of souls torn apart by civil war. The show plays folk music and several EVPS collected by Mark and his colleagues—and these clear voices of the dead give chills! This extra long episode is all part of our spooky content as we celebrate another autumn and coming Halloween.

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Sep 22, 2017




The show is back at one of Philadelphia’s most haunted sites, Fort Mifflin! Horror author T. Fox Dunham coordinated an author reading in casement 5—writers and ghosts, a great atmosphere for a horror reading. Working with hosts from PARA-X Radio, they had a great day of greeting Philadelphia’s paranormal hunters. Darcy Oordt, author of Haunted Philadelphia, is back to hunt ghosts and folklore at Fort Mifflin. Then, she hangs out on the show. The hosts discuss Philly ghost stories, writing, getting an agent and their favorite horror movies for Halloween. Phil narrates some of her ghost stories from her book about Fort Mifflin, and Fox interviews Philadelphia noir author, Tony Knighton. All part of our Countdown to Halloween 2017!

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Sep 15, 2017




After our clown craziness, we decided to spend the episode with old friend, paranormal investigator and author, Debi Chestnut. Debi was on an episode last year, 20: Shadow Stalkers and she comes back to share some of her new ghost stories from her book, Haunted Anchor Bay, Michigan. Debi’s been busy out hunting the supernatural with her paranormal investigation group, Shadow Stalkers and researching her new book, collecting ghost stories and folklore of Michigan. She shares two stories, narrated by our voice actors: Ouija Board, the story of a demonic game that keeps coming home to its owners and the Demon Dog of Lake Eerie, an ethereal harbinger that shows up aboard ships just before the sink. She also tells many of her ghost stories and updates us on her personal battle with a powerful demon—or a fallen angel.

“You’ll be sitting in the cemetery on a bench reading, and all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by all these shadow people.”

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Sep 8, 2017


The clowns are taking over. It’s the Clown Apocalypse. The hosts of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show bring you part two of our special report on the end of the world, clown style! Consultant J. Lee Dodson, author of the Evil Klown Survival Guide published by Grimlock Press, returns to continue to educate us about how to survive the TerrorKlown invasion. We feature a selection from his book, Unklown Activity and the poem, Hell under the Big Top. Host Phil Thomas shares an unusual dark tale, The Clown Code, and we play a cool little song from Phil Reavis, Clown Car. Spend your last days before clown domination with horror authors Phil Thomas, T. Fox Dunham and J Lee Dodson. Do they survive? Or do they fall to the evil clowns in a final battle (and somehow return next week for another episode.) Part of our countdown to Halloween 2017!

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